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Cleaning Supplies


Expert Service

Standard: Includes sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, light dusting, trash removal

Deep: All offices are wiped down with soap and water immediately after use. Disinfectants and cleaners are applied to sanitize all surfaces. All chairs, light switches, phones, keyboards, drawers are wiped down. All AC thermostats, printers, sockets, doors, handles are cleaned as well. Floors are swept and mopped, and all trash receptacles are emptied and disinfected.

We clean and sanitize vending machines, chairs, and outside sinks. Kitchens/Breakrooms are cleaned and sanitized. Sinks, microwaves, countertops, light fixtures, sockets, cabinets and handles are cleaned as well.

Bathrooms are wiped down and we sanitize urinals, toilets, sinks, door handles, doors, and grab bars. Lastly we wipe down mirrors, faucets and walls. 

Commercial Cleaning: Services
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